Speaker Gilbert: Even California, Connecticut Realize It’s Time for Tax Relief

gshipley2022 General Assembly

Speaker of the House Todd Gilbert, R-Shenandoah, issued the following statement today in regard to California Gov. Gavin Newsom’s call for tax relief for Golden State residents and the unanimous vote of the Connecticut General Assembly to suspend their gas tax:

“Rarely do I agree with the Governor of California on issues of tax policy, or do I applaud the Democratic-led legislature of Connecticut, but they’re both right: it’s time for tax relief to help those struggling with sky high gas prices and other facets of inflation.

“Our own Governor Glenn Youngkin has proposed a three month gas tax holiday that would lower prices by 26 cents per gallon immediately, offset by higher than expected revenues for transportation projects. We’ve also proposed ending the grocery tax completely, giving families a 2.5 percent break on all their groceries, as well as an increase in the standard deduction, which would put more money back into paychecks, and tax rebates of up to $600 per family.

“Democrats in California and Connecticut recognize it’s time for tax relief. I hope Virginia Democrats will come to the same realization soon.”