Statement of Speaker Todd Gilbert on New CARB Gas-Vehicle Ban

gshipley2022 General Assembly

Speaker Todd Gilbert issued the following statement:

“When Democrats were in control of the House of Delegates, they specialized in enacting policies that were dumb, dangerous, and expensive. Yesterday we learned just how dumb, dangerous, and expensive one of those actions was — the decision to tie Virginia’s vehicle emissions standards to California.

“Under House Bill 1965 (2021), Virginia conceded all of our authority to set emission standards for cars to the arbitrary decisions of extremist California bureaucrats, using Title 177 of the Clean Air Act. Yesterday, California regulators voted to end the sales of all new gasoline and diesel cars by 2035. New sales must be 100 percent electric by that time. These requirements will now automatically apply to Virginia as well.

“California’s action requires that 35 percent of all new vehicle sales in Virginia will be electric or plug-in hybrid vehicles by 2026. As of last year, that was just 2 percent. Neither the demand nor the charging infrastructure to support it yet exist, and creating it will be a massive burden on Virginia’s hard working families. Democrats enacted these inane requirements without investing a single dollar to help incentivize the marketplace or support the creation of the charging infrastructure, even though they were told at the time that it would require investments in the hundreds of millions of dollars.

“Not one Virginian got to vote on this, or even comment on it, nor will they. The law passed by Democrats and signed by a Democratic governor not only requires that the Commonwealth adopt California’s rules, it exempts this adoption from the Administrative Process Act. This means no public hearings and no outside input.

“House Republicans will advance legislation in 2023 to put Virginians back in charge of Virginia’s auto emission standards and its vehicle marketplace. Virginia is not, and should not be, California.”