Statement of Speaker Gilbert on the Passing of Delegate Ronnie Campbell

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Speaker Todd Gilbert issued the following statement:

“This morning’s news is the worst. Delegate Ronnie Campbell has lost his fight with cancer. Virginia has lost good man and dedicated public servant, the House of Delegates has lost a sterling voice, and I have lost a good friend.

“Ronnie devoted his life to serving others. First as a State Trooper, then as a member of the Rockbridge County school board, then the Board of Supervisors, and finally the House of Delegates. In every instance, Ronnie made the people of his community his first concern.

“A detail from one of my last conversations with Ronnie speaks volumes about the kind of man he was. His biggest worry wasn’t the disease attacking his body, or any concern over what comes next.

“No, Ronnie was worried that he wouldn’t be able to make it Richmond to do his job, to be the voice for his constituents that they elected him to be. Just hours before his passing, he was working to see that the legislation he had prepared for the upcoming session wouldn’t fall by the wayside if for some reason he couldn’t be with us.

“Ronnie Campbell was a good and decent man, and we are less as a Commonwealth today for his passing. I would ask that all Virginians join me in holding Ronnie’s wife Ellen and his entire family in their prayers.”