Virginia House Republicans Laud Governor Youngkin’s Bold Vision for Virginia’s Future

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Members of the House Republican Leadership team issued the following statements after Governor Glenn Youngkin’s State of the Commonwealth address Wednesday:

Speaker Todd Gilbert, R-Shenandoah

“Governor Youngkin’s speech tonight is a reminder why Virginians elected him and a House Republican majority. We’re here to make life better for all Virginians,” Gilbert said. “Virginians want a world class education for their children, one that will see them prepared for the job market of tomorrow. Virginians want safe communities where their families aren’t worried about violent crime.“

“I look forward to continuing to work with the Governor to do just that: create better schools, safer communities, and a more prosperous future for all Virginians.”

House Majority Leader Terry Kilgore, R-Gate City
“Anyone who’s been in a grocery store in the past year knows that inflation is crushing our families here in Virginia. And while the General Assembly can’t control the rate of inflation, we can make life easier for families by cutting their tax burden,” Kilgore said. “The Governor’s plan would save Virginia families $1,900 per year, while more than 47,000 of our friends and neighbors would have their tax burdens removed entirely.”

Majority Caucus Chair Amanda Batten, R-James City County
“Tonight’s speech put down a marker that should make every parent in Virginia happy. Not only did the Governor promise to work with us to ensure that parents remain the key stakeholders in their children’s education, but he also charted a path forward for the future. When every child that graduates from a Virginia high school has a professional credential, they’ll be light years ahead of their peers in other states,” Batten said.

“That process starts with working to fix the damage done by school closures during COVID, and expanding the Virginia Literacy Act to encompass students all the way to the 5th grade. Working together, we’re going to give our students the education they deserve,” she concluded.

Majority Whip Michael Webert, R-Fauquier
“As Speaker Gilbert said, Virginians sent us here to end the surge of violent crime that has plagued our cities in recent years. Violence isn’t a Republican problem or a Democratic problem – it’s a Virginia problem, and one that we must work together to address,” Webert said. “Putting more police on the street, more prosecutors in courts to try offenders, and stronger mandatory minimum sentences for those who commit crimes with guns will help turn the tide of violence, save lives, and make our streets safer for everyone.”

Deputy Majority Leader Israel O’Quinn, R-Washington County
“One trip to any emergency department in Virginia is more than enough to show anyone that our mental health system is broken. The Governor’s “Right Help, Right Now” proposal, as well as his plan to build out psychiatric services and increase the number of Crisis Receiving Centers across our Commonwealth will do more than just ease the burden on over-burdened emergency rooms,” he said. “It will deliver help to those in crisis faster, and save lives, particularly in Southwest Virginia and Hampton Roads. It will also help our law enforcement agencies spend more time on patrol and less time sitting in hospital waiting rooms. I look forward to working with him and my colleagues to see these reforms enacted.”