51 by 51:

Tougher Penalties for Prostituting Children

For the past several days we have highlighted legislation to fight human trafficking, including legislation to promote the human trafficking hotline and legislation creating the Virginia Prevention of Sex Trafficking Fund. 

The General Assembly passed many other pieces of legislation aimed at protecting our families. Legislation by Delegate Rob Bell, HB 2586, will increase penalties on those who aid in the commission of child prostitution and allow them to be investigated by multijurisdictional grand juries.  The bill will also ensure that offenders receive full punishment by allowing each act of sex trafficking to be charged as a separate offense

Protecting our children must always be a top priority for the General Assembly and that is why enacting stiffer penalties for those who aid in the commission of child prostitution is another one of the 51 accomplishments by the 51 members of the Republican-led House of Delegates.