About the Caucus

The Virginia House Republican Caucus is the majority caucus in the Virginia House of Delegates.

We continuously work to move Virginia forward, promoting pro-growth, limited government policies that empower families with freedom and opportunity.

VA State Capitol

We have consistently offered a conservative governing vision, real leadership, real solutions and real results for the people of Virginia. We have worked to grow and strengthen our economy by creating good jobs for middle class families. We have strengthened our public schools and expanded school choice to give students opportunities to succeed. We have enacted policies to keep our communities safe, so your family can live peacefully and happily. We promote a fiscally-responsible budget, protecting the state’s prestigious AAA bond rating. We have helped reformed government to make the lives of citizens easier each and every day.

Even though our economy faces challenges, the Commonwealth is consistently recognized as one of the nation’s best states for business — and we intend to maintain that. We have a strong K-12 education system and one of the world’s finest systems of higher education. Virginians enjoy one of the nation’s lowest tax burdens, as well as a strong and healthy environment.

Our caucus is led by Speaker-designee Todd Gilbert, Majority Leader Terry Kilgore, Caucus Chair Kathy Byron and Whip Jay Leftwich. For more information about our leadership team and our members, click here.