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ICYMI: Medicaid’s Costly Expansion Overruns

chriswest2016 General Assembly

“As The Wall Street Journal wrapped up an editorial on the subject Thursday, ‘The governors who didn’t expand and withstood a hail of political and hospital censure are looking prescient.’ We’d include house speakers in that grouping as well.”

ICYMI: WSJ Editorial on Harrisonburg Voter Fraud

chriswest2016 General Assembly

“Democrats are already saying the dead Harrisonburg 19 are no big deal, with Virginia House Minority Leader David Toscano claiming there was no voter fraud because “they caught him” before the votes were cast. Which is like saying it wasn’t a robbery because the thief was caught carrying the TV out of the house.”

Statement of House Leadership on Delegate Rick Morris

chriswest2016 General Assembly

“We take seriously our responsibility to preserve the integrity of this storied institution, and while we deeply regret having to do so we are compelled to ask for Delegate Morris’s resignation in order to protect the House of Delegates.” – House Republican Leadership