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Landes Explains Senate’s Bad Revenue Estimate

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Del. Steve Landes (R-Augusta) relays a lesson the Senate has failed to learn–you have to know how much you can spend before you start spending it. The Senate Budget makes promises that responsible revenue figures won’t support. Landes details the flaws in the Senate revenue estimates and their irresponsible decision not to provide for a deposit to begin replenishing the … Read More

O’Bannon Details Healthcare Budget

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Del. John M. O’Bannon, III, MD (R-Henrico), addressed the House to explain the healthcare provisions of the House budget. O’Bannon noted the improvements in home and community-based care over Gov. Kaine’s budget, as well as explaining the prudent use of one-time federal funds for non-recurring items in contrast to the Senate’s approach that will create structural imbalances in future budgets. … Read More

Cox Responds to VEA’s Bold-Face Lies

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Del. Kirk Cox (R-Colonial Heights) addresses the dishonest propaganda being spread by the Virginia Education Association about the House-passed budget. The budget holds the line on taxes and responsibly funds core government services, including public education. Check out Cox’s speech on YouTube. Cox notes that the House budget decreases K-12 spending by around $100 million, not the $1.8 billion the … Read More

Jones Explains VRS Reforms; Good for Employees; Good for State

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Del. S. Chris Jones (R-Suffolk) addressed the House this morning to clarify confusion about Virginia Retirement System (VRS) reform in the House budget. Check out his remarks on YouTube. House-passed VRS Reform and Budget legislation strikes former Gov. Kaine’s proposal to require current state employees to contribute 1% in 2011 and 2% in 2012 to VRS, keeping the promise to … Read More

Republicans Offer Real Solutions; Democrats Just Complain

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The House adopted its version of the Budget, HB 30, on a party line vote, 61-38. Republican delegates produced a no tax, no fee increase budget by making tough choices about funding core government responsibilities. Democrats had the opportunity to vote for former Governor Kaine’s $2 billion tax increase on January 29 (HB 1155), and voted “no.” Democrats had the … Read More

Chairman Putney Releases House Republican Budget Proposal

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At today’s House Appropriations Committee meeting, Chairman Lacey Putney (I-Bedford), who caucuses with Republicans, released the House Republicans’ proposed amendments to the budget submitted by former Governor Tim Kaine, which accomplishes the following 8 objectives: Restore the Car Tax and reject higher taxes in a recession; Eliminate Fee Increases embedded in Gov. Kaine’s introduced budget; Modify Kaine’s “dealer discount” proposal … Read More

Kirk Cox Discusses Crossover on WRVA

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The Lee Brothers, filling in for Jimmy Barrett, featured Del. Kirk Cox (R-Colonial Heights), House Majority Whip, on WRVA 1140‘s Richmond Morning News. Del. Cox highlighted the House’s common sense conservative agenda and previewed the no-tax-increase budget to be released on Sunday. Listen to the audio at: February 17, 2010 Jimmy Barrett Interview with Kirk Cox.

Delegate Kirk Cox on WRVA with Jimmy Barrett

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Delegate Kirk Cox on WRVA with Jimmy Barrett on December 30, 2009 discussing the War of 1812, and shifting the budget process in Virginia. [audio:http://www.vahousegop.com/audio/123009 Kirk Cox.mp3]

Kaine Budget “not intended to pass … not likely to be taken seriously”

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In today’s Richmond Times Dispatch, Paul Goldman, former state Democratic chairman, offers the most succinct summary of Kaine’s good-luck-see-ya-later budget: “This is some kind of a statement,” said Paul Goldman, a former state Democratic chairman and critic of his party’s reliance on tax increases. “It’s not intended to be passed, and it’s not likely to be taken seriously.” After noting … Read More

Howell responds to Kaine’s Tax-Hike Budget

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Following Kaine’s presentation to the General Assembly’s money committees of his budget, Speaker Howell issued a statement (see press release) highlighting the impact of Kaine’s tax increase proposals on Virginia families. Howell committed the House Republican Caucus to working with Governor-elect McDonnell to delivering a structurally balanced budget on times, matching spending to available revenue.