2018 Crossover Accomplishments

Creating Jobs and Preparing our Workforce

The House of Delegates is laser focused on improving Virginia’s economy and that begins with preparing our workforce for 21st century jobs.

HB 1233 Hugo | Apprentice agreements; ratio of apprentices to journeymen.

Allows more apprentices to get more onthejobtraining by prohibiting the Apprenticeship Council from adopting standards for apprenticeship agreements governing the numeric ratio of journeymen to apprentices that require more than one journeyman for two apprentices.

HB 129 Yancey | Worker retraining tax credit; manufacturing instruction for students.

Expands the Worker Retraining Tax Credit by allowing a taxpayer primarily engaged in manufacturing to claim an individual income tax or corporate income tax credit equal to 35 percent of its direct costs incurred in conducting orientation, instruction, and training in Virginia relating to the manufacturing activities.

HB 222 Morefield | Income tax, corporate & state; modification for certain companies & subtraction for their employees.

Establishes an income tax modification for companies that, from 2018 through 2028, either (i) invest at least $5 million in new capital investment in a qualified locality and create at least 10 jobs in a qualified locality or (ii) create at least 50 jobs in a qualified locality.

HB685 Ransone | Cybersecurity Student Loan Repayment Grant Program; established, report.

Creates the Cybersecurity Loan Repayment Grant Program whereby renewable grants of matching state and employer funds are provided on a competitive basis to an individual who (i) graduated with a degree in computer science or another program that prepares an individual for a career in cybersecurity or (ii) a member of the armed forces and accepts employment in a computer science position with the state or private organization that contractually provides cybersecurity services for any such federal or state organization and that is located in the Commonwealth.