2018 Crossover Accomplishments

Practical Solutions to Everyday Issues

House Republicans have laid out the “Practical Solutions to Everyday Issues” agenda, prioritizing the real problems people talk about at home.

HB 1 Wilt | FOIA; release of scholastic records, definition of records includes directory information. Clarifies private student information cannot be given to third parties without consent of the student.

HB 2 Bell, Richard P | Teacher licensure; reciprocity, spouses of Armed Forces members.

Allows the spouse of a military member with a valid outof-state teaching license to teach in Virginia without reapplying for a license.

HB 3 Landes | Dual enrollment courses; quality standards, university transfer course credit.

Ensures dual enrollment courses students take in high school transfer for credit to state universities as long as they meet a quality standard.

HB 581 Bloxom | Inspection stations; appointments.

Allows more auto body shops to take appointments for state inspection appointments.

HB 1027 Adams | Security freezes; fees.

Prohibits a credit reporting agency from requiring a consumer to pay a fee to place, remove, or lift a security freeze on the consumer’s credit report if the request therefor is received electronically.

Creating Jobs and Preparing our Workforce

The House of Delegates is laser focused on improving Virginia’s economy and that begins with preparing our workforce for 21st century jobs.

HB 1233 Hugo | Apprentice agreements; ratio of apprentices to journeymen.

Allows more apprentices to get more onthejobtraining by prohibiting the Apprenticeship Council from adopting standards for apprenticeship agreements governing the numeric ratio of journeymen to apprentices that require more than one journeyman for two apprentices.

HB 129 Yancey | Worker retraining tax credit; manufacturing instruction for students.

Expands the Worker Retraining Tax Credit by allowing a taxpayer primarily engaged in manufacturing to claim an individual income tax or corporate income tax credit equal to 35 percent of its direct costs incurred in conducting orientation, instruction, and training in Virginia relating to the manufacturing activities.

HB 222 Morefield | Income tax, corporate & state; modification for certain companies & subtraction for their employees.

Establishes an income tax modification for companies that, from 2018 through 2028, either (i) invest at least $5 million in new capital investment in a qualified locality and create at least 10 jobs in a qualified locality or (ii) create at least 50 jobs in a qualified locality.

HB685 Ransone | Cybersecurity Student Loan Repayment Grant Program; established, report.

Creates the Cybersecurity Loan Repayment Grant Program whereby renewable grants of matching state and employer funds are provided on a competitive basis to an individual who (i) graduated with a degree in computer science or another program that prepares an individual for a career in cybersecurity or (ii) a member of the armed forces and accepts employment in a computer science position with the state or private organization that contractually provides cybersecurity services for any such federal or state organization and that is located in the Commonwealth.

Budgeting Conservatively and Fighting against Tax Increases

Conservative budgeting is the hallmark of responsible governing. Our aim is to always be good stewards of taxpayer dollars. Achieving this goal is contingent on setting priorities and making tough decisions.

HB 763 Jones | Revenue Reserve Fund; created, report.

Establishes a Revenue Reserve Fund to offset shortfalls in the budget that cannot be addressed by the Rainy Day Fund.

HB 1152 Wilt | Beehive Grant Program.

Requires the Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services to cease reviewing applications for funding from the Beehive Grant Fund when the funds available for that fiscal year are exhausted.

HB 1027 Adams | Security freezes; fees.

Prohibits a credit reporting agency from requiring a consumer to pay a fee to place, remove, or lift a security freeze on the consumer’s credit report if the request therefor is received electronically.

House Republicans are committed to keeping taxes low so Virginia businesses can be competitive and Virginia families can keep more of their money in their pocket. Accordingly, we’ve killed several democratic tax increase proposals that would have resulted in over $770 million in new taxes on hardworking Virginians. These include:

HB 1051 Watts | Communications sales and use tax; services subject to taxation.

Applies the communications sales and use tax to services related to the streaming of audio and visual data, such as Netflix, Hulu, Pandora, and Spotify.

HB 310 Watts | Estate tax; appropriation of its revenues for health care purposes.

Reinstates the estate tax for persons dying on and after July 1, 2018.

HB 1356 Reid | Transient occupancy tax; expands tax in Northern Virginia statewide.

Expands the 2% regional transient occupancy tax in Northern Virginia statewide.

HB 465 Carter | Watercraft; increases sales and use tax rate.

Increases the watercraft sales and use tax rate from 2% to 4.15% and removes the $2,000 cap on the tax.

Streamlining Government Regulations

Regulations hinder the entrepreneurial spirit of Virginians and can create burdensome hurdles for business to operate. When implemented effectively, occupational licenses and regulations can help protect consumers and businesses. However, the weight of these requirements has grown untenable. House Republicans are committed to eliminating onerous regulations and creating a pro-growth environment.

HB 883 Webert | Regulatory budget program; established, administered by Department of Planning and Budget, report.

Establishes a regulatory reform pilot program with the goal of reducing or streamlining regulatory requirements by 25% over the next three years.

HB 810 OQuinn | School bus operators; decreases number of hours currently required for classroom training.

Eliminates onerous continuing education classroom training requirements for employees who are seeking recertification as a school bus operator.

HB 581 Bloxom | Inspection stations; appointments.

Allows more auto body shops to take appointments for state inspection appointments.

HB 237 Kilgore | Onestop small business permitting program; extends sunset date.

Extends the date by which the State Corporation Commission and the Department of Small Business and Supplier Diversity are required to complete aspects of the one-stop small business permitting program from June 30, 2018, to January 1, 2020.

Fighting for Conservative Issues

House Republicans take seriously their charge to defend our conservative principles and stand against big-government and nanny-state policies. This means fighting for dignity in work, stopping federal overreach, and protecting individual privacy and liberty.

HB 665 Kilgore | Coal tax credits; reinstates Virginia coal employment and production incentive tax credit. Reinstates the Virginia coal employment and production incentive tax credit.

HB 338 Miyares | Medicaid; work requirement.

Directs the Secretary of Health and Human Resources to apply for a waiver to implement a work requirement for able-bodied adult recipients of medical assistance services.

HB 1 Wilt | FOIA; release of scholastic records, definition of records includes directory information. Clarifies private student information cannot be given to third parties without consent of the student.

HB 1257 Cline | Sanctuary policies; enforcement of federal immigration laws.

Provides that no locality shall adopt any ordinance, procedure, or policy that restricts the enforcement of federal immigration laws to less than the full extent permitted by federal law.

HB 1270 Poindexter | Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative; prohibition on participation by Commonwealth. Prohibits the Governor or any state agency from adopting any regulation establishing a carbon dioxide capand-trade program without General Assembly approval.

Addressing the Teacher Shortage

Virginia is privileged to have one of the best education systems in large part due to our excellent teachers. But more and more we see our dedicated educators leaving the classroom for administration positions or worse yet, not pursuing the career at all because of licensure obstacles. House Republicans are committed to providing individuals an easier path to achieve their career goals.

HB 2 Bell, Richard P | Teacher licensure; reciprocity, spouses of Armed Forces members.

Allows the spouse of a military member with a valid outof-state teaching license to teach in Virginia without reapplying for a license.

HB 215 Knight | Teacher licensure, provisional; career switchers, adjunct professors.

Allows adjunct professors to qualify for a provisional teaching license as long as they have passed a teacher’s assessment in the subject matter.

HB 1125 Landes | Teacher licensure.

Permits teachers with a valid outof-state license, with full credentials and without deficiencies, to receive Virginia licensure by reciprocity without passing additional licensing assessments.

Expanding Educational Opportunities

Education is the gateway to opportunity. To help students achieve their fullest potential, we must ensure a system that provides for the unique needs of each student. Whether it is increasing online learning opportunities or counting for college credit work done in high school, House Republicans have made strengthening and improving our education system a top priority.

HB 3 Landes | Dual enrollment courses; quality standards, university transfer course credit.

Ensures dual enrollment courses students take in high school transfer for credit to state universities as long as they meet a quality standard.

HB 544 Freitas | High School to Work Partnership; establishment, exemptions.

Establish High School to Work Partnerships between public high schools and local businesses to create opportunities for high school students to (a) participate in an apprenticeship, internship, or job shadow program.

HB 1181 Rush | Online Va. Network Authority; adds Chancellor of Va. Community College System to board of trustees.

Builds on our innovative approach to online learning by allowing the community college system to offer courses in the Online Virginia Network portal.

HB 1085 Yancey | Public schools; open enrollment for military students.

Requires school divisions in which a military installation is located to allow a military student residing on the installation to enroll at any school within the school division, upon the request of his parent.

HB 919 Jones, S. C. | Virginia Community College System; changes to ensure a standard quality of education.

Makes several changes to the Virginia Community College System to ensure a standard quality of education at all comprehensive community colleges and to ensure the transfer of community college credit to four-year public institutions. Establishes the Passport Program in which course offerings would be accepted as credit at a four-year institution to map out career education pathways that allow students to see the classes necessary to complete a four-year degree in a particular field of study. The Virginia Community College System would be required to create a single online repository where the public may access all transfer agreements and dual enrollment agreements with four-year institutions

Keeping our Communities Safe

Values of forgiveness and redemption are reasonable goals that should be reflected in our public policy. However, adherence to the rule of law is paramount to ensuring a safe community. Our legislation reflects these sentiments and will make Virginia a safer Commonwealth.

Grand Larceny & Restitution Bipartisan Compromise: Governor Northam and Speaker Cox announced a bipartisan compromise to raise the felony larceny threshold (Adams HB 1550) and adopt into law legislation to ensure crime victims are paid the restitution duly owed to them (R. Bell HB 483, HB 484). The General Assembly will pass and the Governor will sign a package of legislation to raise the felony larceny threshold from $200 to $500 and require restitution ordered by the courts is collected from the defendant and delivered to crime victims.

HB 622 Bell, Robert B. | Sex offenses prohibiting entry onto school property; penalty.

Provides that an adult who has been convicted of any felony offense for which registration on the Sex Offender and Crimes Against Minors Registry is required where the victim of the offense was a minor is guilty of a Class 6 felony if he enters or is present upon a public or private elementary or secondary school or child day center property during school hours and during school-related or school-sponsored activities.

HB 1505 Gilbert | Capitol Police; concurrent jurisdiction.

Expands the jurisdiction of the Capitol Police to counties immediately surrounding the city of Richmond.

HB 1164 Ingram | Return of search warrants to jurisdiction where executed.

Keeps police officers engaged in law enforcement by allowing for the return of search warrants in the jurisdiction it was made.

HB 1163 Ingram | Fire protection; applicant preemployment information with fire departments. Allows any fire department to require applicants for employment to submit to fingerprinting and a criminal history record check.

HB 366 Rush | Felons; restoration of firearms rights, report to State Police.

Provides a mechanism for reporting to the Department of State Police when a circuit court restores a felons right to possess, transport, and carry a firearm, ammunition for a firearm, or a stun weapon.

HB 757 Leftwich | Sex offenders in emergency shelters; notification registration.

Provides that a registered sex offender who enters an emergency shelter designated by the Commonwealth and operated in response to a declared state or local emergency shall notify a member of the shelter’s staff who is responsible for providing security of such person’s status as a registered sex offender.

HB 371 Robinson | Sexual harassment training; requirement for legislative branch.

Requires General Assembly members, fulltime legislative staff, and full-time employees of each legislative branch agency to complete sexual harassment training every two years.

Improving Health Care

Virginians are looking for leadership on healthcare reform. They want more transparency, better care, and lower costs. House Republican proposals put consumers first by preserving and improving quality healthcare.

HB 1177 Pillion | Health insurance; covered services provided pharmacies and pharmacists, etc. Prevents pharmacy benefit managers from requiring pharmacists to sign “gag clauses,” which prevent the pharmacists from informing customers that the cash price for the drug may be cheaper than the copay.

HB 1251 Cline | CBD oil and THCA oil; certification for use , dispensing.

Provides that a practitioner may issue a written certification for the use of cannabidiol oil or THCA oil for the treatment or to alleviate the symptoms of any diagnosed condition or disease.

HB 793 Robinson | Nurse practitioners; practice agreements.

Allow nurse practitioners who are licensed by the Boards of Medicine and Nursing and have completed at least five years of full-time clinical experience as a licensed, certified nurse practitioner to be exempt from physician oversight.

Combating the Opioid Crisis

A sweeping epidemic is taking hold of our communities in the form of opioid-overdose related deaths, and we will not stand idly by as we lose our friends and families to this addiction. No one is immune from this sickness, and our legislation will take a proactive approach to helping curb this disease.

HB 1157 Pillion | Substanceexposed infants; plan for services.

Provides that the Department of Health shall serve as the lead agency with responsibility for the development, coordination, and implementation of a plan for services for substance-exposed infants in the Commonwealth.

HB 1173 Pillion | Controlled substances; limits on prescriptions containing opioids.

Removes the 14day Rx PMP check requirement for surgery; brings into alignment with 7day Rx PMP check requirement for all other prescriptions

HB 842 LaRock | Controlled paraphernalia; possession or distribution, hypodermic needles and syringes, naloxone.

Provides that a person who is authorized by the Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental Services to train individuals on the administration of naloxone for use in opioid overdose reversal may dispense or distribute hypodermic needles and syringes in conjunction with such dispensing of naloxone.

HB1469 Hugo | Felony homicide; certain drug offenses constitute second degree murder, penalty.

Provides that a person is guilty of felony homicide, which constitutes second degree murder and is punishable by confinement of not less than five nor more than 40 years, if the underlying felonious act that resulted in the killing of another involved the manufacture, sale, gift, or distribution of opioids.

HB 1556 Pillion | Prescription Monitoring Program; adds controlled substances included in Schedule V and naloxone.

Adds controlled substances included in Schedule V for which a prescription is required and naloxone to the list of covered substances the dispensing of which must be reported to the Prescription Monitoring Program.

HJ 142 Hodges | Recovery Sunday designating as third Sunday of September 2018, and each succeeding year thereafter.

Designating the third Sunday of September, in 2018 and in each succeeding year, as Recovery Sunday in Virginia to support church leaders as they seek to give a theological voice to addiction and recovery by dedicating certain Sundays to the discussion of these important issues.

Securing 2nd Amendment Rights

House Republicans continue to stand firm against arbitrary and unconstitutional attacks on second amendment rights.

House Republicans voted down several bills that would unnecessarily restrict lawful gun owners including allowing localities to create ordinances that prohibit firearms in locality-owned libraries (HB 68), authorizing any locality by ordinance to prohibit the carrying of firearms in a public space (HB 1019), prohibiting the possession of firearms in the Capitol and any building used predominantly for the conduct of the business of the General Assembly (HB 928).

Further, we failed to report legislation that would prohibit any person who is not a licensed firearms dealer from purchasing more than one handgun in a 30-day period (HB 353) and instate a $250 fine for anyone who purchases or sells any large capacity magazines (HB 1145).

Ensuring Fair Elections

The foundation of our democracy is rooted in a free and fair electoral system. With House Republican legislation, voters can be confident in election results.

Joint Subcommittee on Election Review: Speaker Kirk Cox and Senate Majority Leader Thomas K. Norment, Jr. announced the formation of a Joint Subcommittee on Election Review. The Subcommittee will consider issues related to the conduct of elections that were brought to light following the November 2017 elections, including absentee balloting, the assignment of voters in split precincts, and recount law and procedures. The subcommittee’s main focus will be to ensure all Virginians trust the election process and know that all votes are being counted in the most transparent way possible.

HB 122 Cole | Campaign finance; prohibited personal use, civil penalty.

Prohibits the use of campaign contributions by any person for the personal use of a candidate or a member of the candidate’s immediate family, if such use is for a strictly personal purpose with no reasonable or foreseeable benefit to the candidate’s campaign or public office.

HB 1405 Ransone | Elections, State Board of; increases membership and terms appointment of Commissioner of Elections.

Ensures a nonpartisan Board of Election by increasing the size of the Board, with an even number of representatives from political parties and requiring the chair and vice chair be of opposing parties.

HB 1144 Wilt | Voter registration; persons assisting with the return of signed voter registration applications. Requires any person who mails or delivers a signed voter registration application on behalf of another person to sign and print his name, provide his telephone number, and indicate the group or organization he is affiliated with, if any, on the registration application.

HB 1325 Cole | Provisional voting; persons voting in split precincts.

Provides that any voter who is assigned to a precinct that is split between two or more election districts and who believes he was given a ballot for the district of which he is not a qualified voter may cast a provisional ballot for the district of which he believes he is a qualified voter and for the district in which the pollbook indicates he is registered.

Easing Transportation Congestion

Transportation is about more than just getting to and from work; it’s about quality of life and jobs. Our transportation solutions will help our economy grow and make life easier for families.

Reform and invest in Metro: House Leaders announced a serious plan to reform and invest in Metro without raising taxes. The amended bill, HB 1539, introduced by Chairman Hugo, will inject over $100 million annually in Metro by redirecting existing regional transportation funding to WMATA’s capital needs. The investments will be contingent on substantive reforms to WMATA, including a two percent cap on operating growth, a review of board governance, a review of the legal and organizational structure, labor costs and relations, outstanding pension obligations, and safety measures.

HJ 87 OQuinn | Study; joint subcommittee to study adding additional lanes on Interstate 81 between Winchester and Bristol; report.

Establishes a joint subcommittee to study the feasibility of adding additional lanes on Interstate 81 between Winchester and Bristol.

Supporting Our Veterans

The men and women who protect our nation have earned more than our gratitude and respect. They deserve to receive credit for their work done in the military and not be unduly deterred from working because they are required to move often. Our policies recognize the outstanding contributions these individuals make to our economy and communities.

HB 2 Bell, Richard P | Teacher licensure; reciprocity, spouses of Armed Forces members.

Allows the spouse of a military member with a valid outof-state teaching license to teach in Virginia without reapplying for a license.

HB533 Freitas | Professions and occupations; qualifications for licensure; acceptance of substantially equivalent military training, education, and experience.

Requires the Board of Medicine and the Board of Dentistry to accept the military training, education, or experience of a service member honorably discharged from active military service so long as the training is substantially equivalent to any laws and regulations of the respective boards

HB 737 McGuire | Motor Vehicles, Department of, documents; veteran endorsement.

Requires the Department of Motor Vehicles to issue driver’s licenses, permits, and identification cards displaying an indicator signifying that the holder is a veteran.

HB 915 Stolle | Military medical personnel program; supervision of personnel by chief medical officer. Allows military medical personnel to use the skills learned during their time in service for their civil jobs.

HB 71 Miyares | Constitutional amendment; real property tax exemption for spouse of disabled veteran. Provides for a constitutional amendment allowing the surviving spouse of a deceased veteran to receive property tax exemption for their permanent residence.

Making Progress on Adoption Reform

Family is the bedrock of our society. Easing adoption regulations puts families first and help more children find loving parents.

HB 1333 Brewer | Kinship Guardianship Assistance program; established.

Establishes a new path to permanency for foster youth who have resided in foster homes with relative caregivers for at least six months.

HB 227 Stolle| Adoption by stepparent; background check.

Requires courts to consider the results of a national criminal history background check conducted on the prospective adoptive parent.

HB 241 Brewer| Adoption; lowers amount of time child must reside with close relative

Shortens the length of time, from three years to two years, that a child must live with a close family member before adoption proceedings can begin.

HB 291 Collins | Social Services, Commissioner of; storage and preservation of orders and adoption files. Simplifies access to adoption files regarding court orders for adoptees and/or adopters so they can more easily obtain personal vital record.

Empowering our Sportsmen and Women

Sportsmen and women are champions of protecting the environment and making smart decisions for our public lands. House Republicans recognize responsible policies for the management of our public lands ensure a positive future for hunting and fishing.

HB 1328 Edmunds | Hunting; disabled hunter exempt from local tree stand requirement.

Exempts disabled hunters from observing local ordinances requiring hunting from an elevated platform or tree stand.

HB 239 Kilgore | Hunting with the assistance of dogs; hunting or kill raccoons on Sunday. Removes the prohibition on hunting or killing raccoons after 2:00 a.m. on Sunday.

HB 1393 Knight | Airbow hunting; authorized to hunt deer & small game when hunter is licensed to hunt w/bow & arrow.

Authorizes the use of an airbow to hunt deer and small game when a hunter is licensed to hunt with a bow and arrow.