2018 Crossover Accomplishments

Empowering our Sportsmen and Women

Sportsmen and women are champions of protecting the environment and making smart decisions for our public lands. House Republicans recognize responsible policies for the management of our public lands ensure a positive future for hunting and fishing.

HB 1328 Edmunds | Hunting; disabled hunter exempt from local tree stand requirement.

Exempts disabled hunters from observing local ordinances requiring hunting from an elevated platform or tree stand.

HB 239 Kilgore | Hunting with the assistance of dogs; hunting or kill raccoons on Sunday. Removes the prohibition on hunting or killing raccoons after 2:00 a.m. on Sunday.

HB 1393 Knight | Airbow hunting; authorized to hunt deer & small game when hunter is licensed to hunt w/bow & arrow.

Authorizes the use of an airbow to hunt deer and small game when a hunter is licensed to hunt with a bow and arrow.