2018 Crossover Accomplishments

Ensuring Fair Elections

The foundation of our democracy is rooted in a free and fair electoral system. With House Republican legislation, voters can be confident in election results.

Joint Subcommittee on Election Review: Speaker Kirk Cox and Senate Majority Leader Thomas K. Norment, Jr. announced the formation of a Joint Subcommittee on Election Review. The Subcommittee will consider issues related to the conduct of elections that were brought to light following the November 2017 elections, including absentee balloting, the assignment of voters in split precincts, and recount law and procedures. The subcommittee’s main focus will be to ensure all Virginians trust the election process and know that all votes are being counted in the most transparent way possible.

HB 122 Cole | Campaign finance; prohibited personal use, civil penalty.

Prohibits the use of campaign contributions by any person for the personal use of a candidate or a member of the candidate’s immediate family, if such use is for a strictly personal purpose with no reasonable or foreseeable benefit to the candidate’s campaign or public office.

HB 1405 Ransone | Elections, State Board of; increases membership and terms appointment of Commissioner of Elections.

Ensures a nonpartisan Board of Election by increasing the size of the Board, with an even number of representatives from political parties and requiring the chair and vice chair be of opposing parties.

HB 1144 Wilt | Voter registration; persons assisting with the return of signed voter registration applications. Requires any person who mails or delivers a signed voter registration application on behalf of another person to sign and print his name, provide his telephone number, and indicate the group or organization he is affiliated with, if any, on the registration application.

HB 1325 Cole | Provisional voting; persons voting in split precincts.

Provides that any voter who is assigned to a precinct that is split between two or more election districts and who believes he was given a ballot for the district of which he is not a qualified voter may cast a provisional ballot for the district of which he believes he is a qualified voter and for the district in which the pollbook indicates he is registered.