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The Democratic party has never been more extreme than what we are experiencing now.

Following last years election, Democrats in the House of Delegates felt emboldened to try and pass an extreme liberal agenda.

We got a glimpse of what the future might look like if they get control. Sign the petition to fight back!

A Glimpse of the Future

Can you imagine what Virginia would look like if Democrats take control of the House of Delegates? They’ll be able to pass every bit of Bernie Sanders’ radical agenda. This year, we got a glimpse of what they want to do.

Raise taxes on hardworking Virginians - Democrats introduced over $770 million in tax increases -- tax increases that would have come out of your pocket. House Republicans are committed to keeping taxes low so Virginia businesses can be competitive and Virginia families can keep more of their money in their pocket. We defeated all of their major tax increases, including:

  • HB 1051 - Taxed new streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, Pandora, and Spotify.
  • HB 310 - Brought back the “Death Tax” that hurts families, small businesses and farmers
  • HB 1356 - Created a statewide 2% hotel tax
  • HB 465 - Increased taxes on watercraft sales
  • SB 925 - Imposed a tax on plastic grocery bags

Dangerous Election Laws - At a time when we need to be securing our elections, Democrats are pushing dangerous election laws. They want to rollback our strong photo ID law and adopt months-long rolling elections in Virginia, making it impossible to secure ballot boxes or count votes confidently. They even want to make it easier for violent felons to vote!

Rollback your Second Amendment Rights - Democrats are making a big push to restrict the Second Amendment rights of law-abiding citizens, pushing gun control policies funded by New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg.

  • They introduced legislation to limit the number of handguns that law-abiding citizens can purchase.
  • They introduced legislation to rollback Virginia’s concealed carry reciprocity agreements, which were the result of a bipartisan compromise with Governor Terry McAuliffe.
  • They introduced legislation to increase fees for concealed carry permit holders, some of the most law-abiding citizens.
  • They introduced legislation to allow localities to enact far-reaching gun control laws.

Drive Small Business OUT of Business - Democrats want to pass policies that will drive small business out of business. They supported raising the minimum wage, which even the Congressional Budget Office says will kill jobs without helping low-income Virginians. They introduced legislation to empower union bosses and take away the rights of workers. These policies will hurt small businesses and kill jobs.

Open the Flow of Illegal Immigration - Democrats want to give in-state tuition slots and driver’s licenses to illegal immigrants. All while opposing legislation that would have banned sanctuary cities in Virginia.