Delegate John McGuire, District 56

When John was five, his mother left him on a street corner in downtown Richmond and drove away. He bounced from one foster home to the next and attended nine elementary schools. During this time John never lost his faith or determination.

John graduated from Henrico High School and sought to serve our country.  John says when he was told he was too small and not strong enough to become a U.S. Navy SEAL, he learned firsthand that the only limits are those that you put on yourself. Two hundred men began his Navy SEAL training class Рonly 19 graduated. John was one of them.

After a decade of service as a U.S. Navy SEAL, John founded SEAL Team PT, Inc., in his hometown of Richmond. It is their mission to help teams and individuals become stronger, healthier, and more confident. SEAL Team PT will celebrate 19 years of service to our community this fall.

In 2006 John broke his neck in an accident. Doctors were almost certain he would not survive. It took him a year to learn how to walk again and three years to write his name. John credits his faith and family for helping him through those times. With relentless hard work, John overcame adversity and continues to look for more ways to serve.

John believes God gave him a second chance. Reaffirming his commitment to serve, John pledges to work just as hard for you in the House of Delegates as he has overcoming his own obstacles.

As a husband and father of five John knows the importance of building a true partnership between our families, our communities and our state government.