2018 Crossover Accomplishments

Keeping our Communities Safe

Values of forgiveness and redemption are reasonable goals that should be reflected in our public policy. However, adherence to the rule of law is paramount to ensuring a safe community. Our legislation reflects these sentiments and will make Virginia a safer Commonwealth.

Grand Larceny & Restitution Bipartisan Compromise: Governor Northam and Speaker Cox announced a bipartisan compromise to raise the felony larceny threshold (Adams HB 1550) and adopt into law legislation to ensure crime victims are paid the restitution duly owed to them (R. Bell HB 483, HB 484). The General Assembly will pass and the Governor will sign a package of legislation to raise the felony larceny threshold from $200 to $500 and require restitution ordered by the courts is collected from the defendant and delivered to crime victims.

HB 622 Bell, Robert B. | Sex offenses prohibiting entry onto school property; penalty.

Provides that an adult who has been convicted of any felony offense for which registration on the Sex Offender and Crimes Against Minors Registry is required where the victim of the offense was a minor is guilty of a Class 6 felony if he enters or is present upon a public or private elementary or secondary school or child day center property during school hours and during school-related or school-sponsored activities.

HB 1505 Gilbert | Capitol Police; concurrent jurisdiction.

Expands the jurisdiction of the Capitol Police to counties immediately surrounding the city of Richmond.

HB 1164 Ingram | Return of search warrants to jurisdiction where executed.

Keeps police officers engaged in law enforcement by allowing for the return of search warrants in the jurisdiction it was made.

HB 1163 Ingram | Fire protection; applicant preemployment information with fire departments. Allows any fire department to require applicants for employment to submit to fingerprinting and a criminal history record check.

HB 366 Rush | Felons; restoration of firearms rights, report to State Police.

Provides a mechanism for reporting to the Department of State Police when a circuit court restores a felons right to possess, transport, and carry a firearm, ammunition for a firearm, or a stun weapon.

HB 757 Leftwich | Sex offenders in emergency shelters; notification registration.

Provides that a registered sex offender who enters an emergency shelter designated by the Commonwealth and operated in response to a declared state or local emergency shall notify a member of the shelter’s staff who is responsible for providing security of such person’s status as a registered sex offender.

HB 371 Robinson | Sexual harassment training; requirement for legislative branch.

Requires General Assembly members, fulltime legislative staff, and full-time employees of each legislative branch agency to complete sexual harassment training every two years.