2018 Crossover Accomplishments

Making Progress on Adoption Reform

Family is the bedrock of our society. Easing adoption regulations puts families first and helps more children find loving parents.

HB 1333 Brewer | Kinship Guardianship Assistance program; established.

Establishes a new path to permanency for foster youth who have resided in foster homes with relative caregivers for at least six months.

HB 227 Stolle| Adoption by stepparent; background check.

Requires courts to consider the results of a national criminal history background check conducted on the prospective adoptive parent.

HB 241 Brewer| Adoption; lowers amount of time child must reside with close relative

Shortens the length of time, from three years to two years, that a child must live with a close family member before adoption proceedings can begin.

HB 291 Collins | Social Services, Commissioner of; storage and preservation of orders and adoption files. Simplifies access to adoption files regarding court orders for adoptees and/or adopters so they can more easily obtain personal vital record.