Heartbreaking... This isn't in New York, this isn't in California, this happened just this week right here in Virginia.

Virginia House Democrats proposed legislation to allow abortions up to just seconds before that precious child takes their first breath.

Watch for yourself. Thankfully, our strong conservative majority was able to defeat this bill.

If pro-abortion Democrats take the House Majority in 2019, they will legalize abortions right up until the birth of the child in 2020.

House Republicans Pledge:

  • To continue the fight to protect the unborn.
  • To continue to defeat any pro-abortion legislation that is proposed or arrives in the House of Delegates.
  • To continue to the protect Virginia’s pro-life laws that Democrats seek to repeal.
  • To hold the House Majority in 2019 to stop Democrats’ plan for abortion on-demand.


Pledge to Protect the Unborn: