Virginia’s Lessons for America: Speaker Howell on WRVA

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Catch Speaker Howell’s interview on WRVA’s Jimmy Barrett show. Filling in for Jimmy, guest host Congressman Randy Forbes and the Speaker discussed the lessons Washington can learn from Virginia: The no-tax-increase way from a $4.2 Billion deficit to a balanced budget How to foster a pro-business, pro-jobs economy As well as the sure-fire method to stop job creation—create uncertainty for … Read More

Republicans Add Another $35K to $1.1M in Leg Branch Savings

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Speaker Howell announced another $35K in savings in the House of Delegates budget for Fiscal Year 2010. That’s on top of the $1.1 million already eliminated from the House operating budget during Fiscal Year 2010. During his tenure as Speaker, Howell has led the way in reducing Virginia’s per capita expenditures in the legislature from 40th in the Nation to … Read More

Republican Successes as 2010 Session Ends

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As the House adjourned sine die, Speaker Howell issued a press release on the many legislative successes of the House in the 2010 session. The State Budget contained many of the key accomplishments of the session, including rejection of former Governor Kaine’s 17 percent income tax hike, and a reduction in state spending for the first time in recent memory. … Read More

Budget-Busting Senate at it Again

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As the General Assembly goes into overtime, extending its 60-day session by a day to complete consideration of the state budget, Frederick Kunkle’s post on the Washington Post’s Virginia Politics Blog makes clear the contrast on fiscal responsibility between the Virginia House and the Virginia Senate. The House Republican Caucus followed its long-time principle—no reward for missing a deadline—by proposing … Read More

Special Budget Information Page

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We’ve posted a special page at highlighting House actions and House Conferee perspectives on the 2010-2012 Biennial Budget. It includes YouTube videos, speech transcripts, and other critical information.

Sherwood Details Public Safety Commitment

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Del. Beverly Sherwood (R-Frederick) addressed the House on the strong support for public safety in the House Budget. Del. Sherwood, who chairs both the Militia, Police and Public Safety Committee and the Subcommittee on Public Safety of the House Appropriations Committee, notes the restoration of critical funding cut by former Gov. Kaine’s proposed budget–funding for Sheriffs, Commonwealth’s Attorneys, reinstated State … Read More

Landes Explains Senate’s Bad Revenue Estimate

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Del. Steve Landes (R-Augusta) relays a lesson the Senate has failed to learn–you have to know how much you can spend before you start spending it. The Senate Budget makes promises that responsible revenue figures won’t support. Landes details the flaws in the Senate revenue estimates and their irresponsible decision not to provide for a deposit to begin replenishing the … Read More

O’Bannon Details Healthcare Budget

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Del. John M. O’Bannon, III, MD (R-Henrico), addressed the House to explain the healthcare provisions of the House budget. O’Bannon noted the improvements in home and community-based care over Gov. Kaine’s budget, as well as explaining the prudent use of one-time federal funds for non-recurring items in contrast to the Senate’s approach that will create structural imbalances in future budgets. … Read More

Cox Responds to VEA’s Bold-Face Lies

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Del. Kirk Cox (R-Colonial Heights) addresses the dishonest propaganda being spread by the Virginia Education Association about the House-passed budget. The budget holds the line on taxes and responsibly funds core government services, including public education. Check out Cox’s speech on YouTube. Cox notes that the House budget decreases K-12 spending by around $100 million, not the $1.8 billion the … Read More