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House Republican Leadership Statement on Democratic Failure to Organize the House

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The Virginia House of Delegates recessed Wednesday without adopting rules for the 2020-2021 General Assembly, historically the first order of business. The Rules are the framework that allows the House to smoothly conduct the people’s business and protect the integrity of the institution. The House of Delegates adopted fair and transparent rules on the first day of session every two … Read More

WATCH: House GOP outlines 2015 agenda


House Republican leaders held a press conference Monday to outline the 2015 legislative agenda, focusing on creating good job opportunities, reforming and improving our schools, making college more affordable and balancing the budget. Watch the full video:

Howell & Norment Op-Ed on Ethics


We pledge today to the people of Virginia to take the additional steps necessary to rebuild the trust and confidence we ask of you.

A Free & Independent Nation

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On July Fourth, 1776, our forefathers declared to the world that we stood as a free and independent nation, using the ideas and words of a Virginian, Thomas Jefferson.

Day 23 of Gov. McAuliffe’s Obamacare budget impasse


Today is day 23 of Governor Terry McAuliffe’s Obamacare budget impasse. In his effort to sell Obamacare’s Medicaid expansion to the people of Virginia, Governor McAuliffe has been touting how much money Virginia could save by expanding Medicaid. The Governor has said repeatedly that Virginia will save over $1 billion by expanding Medicaid. Turns out, that’s only half true at … Read More