ICYMI: Build a bridge from schools to jobs


On Sunday, the Richmond Times Dispatch published a column by Speaker Kirk Cox where he discussed the need for affordable education that leads to a good-paying job in a growing economy. The full column is below. Kirk Cox column: Build a bridge from schools to jobs I am proposing a new partnership for Virginia’s future: A partnership with business, education, and … Read More

ICYMI: Winchester Star – Our View: ‘Government Work’

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“Well now, the “analysis” released by the McAuliffe administration (i.e., the “government”) allegedly to buttress its restoration of citizenship rights to 206,000 convicted felons does not even satisfy that risible standard. It seems to us — and to many members of the General Assembly — to be slap-dash and sloppy. If we didn’t know this “project,” as it were, was six months in the making, we’d be tempted to think this “analysis” was cobbled together on the spur of the moment.”

General Assembly combats sexual assault and violence

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April is national Sexual Assault Awareness Month. As the calendar turns to spring and the flowers bloom, it is important for Virginians to know about the bipartisan efforts underway on their behalf, by their elected leaders, to combat sexual assault and violence in the two places it is most prevalent: at home and on college campuses.

Bell: Should Va. reinstate parole? NO, keep truth in sentencing

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Originally printed in the Richmond Times Dispatch Governor McAuliffe has announced a commission to study the reinstatement of parole. Such a step would undo the most important public safety reform of the past 20 years, and would be an enormous step backward for Virginia. First, a bit of history. Prior to 1994, prison sentences were not truly set by the … Read More