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House Speaker Todd Gilbert issued the following statement:

“Lack of action at the federal level has made every state a border state. I commend and support Governor Youngkin’s actions today in the strongest possible terms. The fentanyl crisis that claims an average of five Virginians lives every day has its roots at the southern border. Drug cartels smuggle their lethal poison into our country among the thousands of migrants who are trafficked across the border every day. In the meantime, House Republicans will continue our efforts to hold those who peddle fentanyl accountable for the lives they take.”

House Public Safety Committee Chairman Tony Wilt, R-Rockingham, issued the following statement:

“On the southern border, Texas Governor Greg Abbott and his team are doing the work that President Biden should have been doing. I commend Governor Youngkin for sending Virginia’s finest citizen soldiers to help stem the tide of fentanyl pouring into the country, and to assist with the humanitarian crisis that has developed due to the President’s inaction. This action will save lives, not only on the border, but in every community in Virginia.”