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House Republican Leadership Statement on Governor’s Executive Order Extension

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House Republican Leader Todd Gilbert, R-Shenandoah, Republican Caucus Chair Kathy Byron, R-Bedford, and Republican Caucus Whip Jay Leftwich, R-Chesapeake, issued the following statement: “Virginians are an industrious and creative people. In the weeks since all this began, we’ve seen some amazing efforts to improvise, adapt, and overcome. Businesses that have even the smallest ability to continue to serve their customers … Read More

Statement of Speaker Kirk Cox and Majority Leader Todd Gilbert on Governor Northam’s Medicaid Announcement

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House Speaker Kirk Cox, R-Colonial Heights, issued the following statement: “I’m disappointed to say the least. The Governor and I made personal commitments to each other on this long-term public policy agreement. There wasn’t an asterisk that said “unless my party wins the next election.” It’s a sad reflection on the value of integrity in modern politics.” Majority Leader Todd … Read More

House Republican Leaders Reaffirm Support for Nonpartisan Redistricting

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On Monday, Virginia House of Delegates Majority Leader Todd Gilbert and House Privileges and Elections Committee Chairman Mark Cole reaffirmed their support for nonpartisan redistricting. This follows recent statements from House Democrats appearing to suggest they will no longer support the legislation as passed during the 2019 General Assembly Session. “When the House Republican Majority committed to nonpartisan redistricting during … Read More

Chairman Bell renews call for bipartisan hearing on sexual assault allegations, proposes Oct. 16 date

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RICHMOND — House Courts of Justice Committee Chairman Rob Bell (R-Albemarle) renewed his call for a public, bipartisan hearing today on the two allegations of sexual assault by Lieutenant Governor Justin Fairfax. Chairman Bell proposed an October 16th date for the hearings. “The two women requested a legislative hearing and have stated that they will only testify if the hearing … Read More

House Republican Leadership Statement on Virginia Chamber of Commerce 2019 Legislative Report Card

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The Virginia Chamber of Commerce released their 2019 Legislative Report Card yesterday which grades members of the General Assembly on legislation related to key business issues. The Report Card mentions that legislation defeated by Republicans saved small and large businesses over $17 billion in new costs and protected over 150,000 Virginia jobs. Legislators were scored on their position for bills … Read More

House Majority Leader Gilbert: Democrat Cost of Redemption is Roughly $75,000

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House of Delegates Majority Leader Todd Gilbert issued the following statement Wednesday regarding the $75,000 from Governor Ralph Northam accepted by Democrats since the party called for his resignation in February. “Despite unequivocal calls from their party for his resignation, Democrat House candidates have taken at least another $75,000 from Governor Ralph Northam’s ‘The Way Ahead’ PAC,” Gilbert said. “Democrats … Read More

Democrats’ energy tax scheme would raise electricity bills by 10 percent

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Virginia House of Delegates Speaker Kirk Cox, House Commerce and Labor Committee Chairman Terry Kilgore, and House of Delegates candidates Mary Margaret Kastleberg (R-Henrico) and D.J. Jordan (R-Prince William), held a press conference call today to discuss Virginia Democrats’ support for an energy tax scheme the SCC says will raise Virginians power bills by $144, or 10 percent, per year. … Read More

ICYMI: New study highlights costs associated with energy tax scheme pushed by Governor and Virginia Democrats

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The Thomas Jefferson Institute this week issued a study on the impacts and costs associated with the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI), a regional energy tax system to reduce carbon emissions from electric power generators. During the 2019 General Assembly Session, the State Corporation Commission testified before a House subcommittee and stated that if Virginia were to join RGGI, residential … Read More

Majority Leader Gilbert Statement on Bernie Sanders’ Horrifying Abortion Comments

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House Majority Leader Todd Gilbert (R-Shenandoah) issued the following statement on Sen. Bernie Sanders comments regarding abortion and population control at last night’s CNN town hall: “Senator Sanders’ comments laid bare the prevailing view of human life in the Democrat party, and it’s horrifying. In Virginia, Democrats have embraced abortion up until the moment of birth, a position amplified by … Read More

Majority Leader Gilbert: Virginia Democrats Stood With Kathy Tran. Will They Stand With O’Rourke?

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House Majority Leader Todd Gilbert today challenged Virginia Democrats to rebuke Democrat Presidential Candidate Beto O’Rourke and his position on abortion up until birth. House Majority Leader Todd Gilbert (R-Shenandoah) issued the following statement: “Virginia and the nation as a whole were horrified earlier this year when Democrat Del. Kathy Tran introduced a bill that, in her own words, would … Read More