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Just who have Virginia Democrats nominated for the House and Senate this year? A motley collection of left-wing extremists far removed from the concerns of everyday Virginians.

Today’s Democrat is Rodney Willett, running for re-election in District 58.


Rodney isn’t terribly concerned about inflation and its impact on hard working families in his district.

In 2022, he was one of a handful of Democrats who voted AGAINST cutting the tax on groceries and essential personal hygiene products.

Earlier this year he voted against the Virginia Electric Utility Regulation Act, a bill that lowered power bills and restored power to state regulators to oversee electric rates — and put off power plan closures that could threaten our power grid. He only changed course when it became clear that the bill would become law, and his previous vote was a liability.

But that’s not all. Rodney, who drives a Tesla, wants you to drive an electric car, too. So much so that he wants them to be mandatory.

He was thrilled when Virginia Democrats yoked the Commonwealth to California’s auto emission standards.

He was happy to vote NO when Republicans tried to undo that action — and end Virginia’s electric car mandate before it begins.

Rodney’s not that big on keeping parents in the loop on what’s going on with their kids, either.

“During the 2020 session I was proud to vote in favor of legislation that requires school districts to have policies protecting the rights and privacy of trans students…That guidance, for example, allowed students to request that teachers use the name and pronouns of their choosing.”

Rodney was “troubled” when Governor Youngkin put forward policies that ensured parents wouldn’t be kept in the dark if their child was in the process of a social transition to the opposite gender at school

“Most troubling about the Youngkin administration’s guidance is that it takes away rights and protections that had been granted to trans students. Those changes now require that only a trans student’s parents can request that teachers use the student’s preferred pronouns. And the new guidance even defines a transgender student as one whose parent has put that request in writing.” 

Schools should be able to keep secrets from parents, you see.

This shouldn’t be surprising. Rodney voted to allow biological males to compete against young women in Virginia’s schools, rejecting the standards set by FINA, the international body that oversees competitive swimming.

HB 1387 would have created a new “open” division in sports for transgender women, reserving women’s sports for biological females who did not go through puberty as a male.

The choice this November is clear.