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Just who have Virginia Democrats nominated for the House and Senate this year? A motley collection of left-wing extremists far removed from the concerns of everyday Virginians.

Today’s Democrat is Travis Nembhard, running in District 22.

Travis Nembhard really wanted to be an elected official… in Washington, D.C. Why? To help protect the far-left liberal policies of his “favorite city.” From Generation Progress in 2017 (emphasis added):

On my end, I am strongly considering a bid for elected office in D.C. I believe that some of our local representatives aren’t doing enough to protect DC from the invasive actions of Congress. … D.C. is one of the most liberal cities in the country, and with DC under the purview of an anti-progressive President and Congress, it will be a tough battle ahead in protecting our residents’ rights.”

Those policies include reducing penalties for armed carjacking, a policy so far left even President Biden couldn’t support it.

Why is Nembhard so enamored of D.C.? It’s his “favorite city.”

He only moved to Virginia in 2020 when it became clear that he wouldn’t be winning an election in D.C. He first voted in Virginia in 2021. Virginia is Travis Nembhard’s second choice… and he wants to make it just like Washington, D.C.

The choice this November is clear.