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Leaders of the Virginia House Republican Caucus issued the following statements on Governor Youngkin’s State of the Commonwealth Address:

House Republican Leader Todd Gilbert:

“Governor Youngkin’s call for bipartisan work is a refreshing contrast to some of what we’ve seen out of our Democratic colleagues in the past 24 hours. While some Democrats, such as Speaker Scott, have expressed a willingness to work together, far too many have said that anything that comes from the Governor or a Republican is ‘dead on arrival.’ Knee jerk partisanship does nothing for anyone. I look forward to working with the Governor, and hopefully many willing Democrats, to find a way forward on our shared priorities.”

House Republican Caucus Chair Amanda Batten:

“I applaud Governor Youngkin’s call to take even stronger action against antisemitism. Every single Virginian should be able to practice their faith without fear, and I hope our Democratic colleagues will join us in working to make that a reality.”

House Republican Whip Michael Webert:

“The vision Governor Youngkin laid out in his State of the Commonwealth speech is one every Virginian can get behind. Voters want us to work together and listen to each other, rather than shut down an idea simply because it comes from the other team. I’m hopeful that our Democratic colleagues will join us in working to lower the tax burden on Virginians dealing with the aftermath of sky-high inflation.”

Deputy House Republican Leader Israel O’Quinn:

“The Governor is absolutely right that we need an ‘all of the above’ approach to energy. Our power grid can’t keep up with demand, and we must build capacity as soon as possible. I hope our Democratic colleagues will be pragmatic and work with us to keep the lights on by expanding our base load power portfolio, and in the process, put Virginians back in charge of what cars they can and cannot buy.”