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House Republican Leadership Statement on Conclusion of 2020 Legislative Session

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The Virginia House of Delegates completed its work today for the 2020 General Assembly Session. Over 2,200 pieces of legislation passed the House including a new budget for the next two years. This session, with Democrats in complete control for the first time in 20 years, produced billions in new and increased taxes, a flourish of anti-business policies, and a … Read More

House Republican Leadership Statement on Democratic Failure to Organize the House

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The Virginia House of Delegates recessed Wednesday without adopting rules for the 2020-2021 General Assembly, historically the first order of business. The Rules are the framework that allows the House to smoothly conduct the people’s business and protect the integrity of the institution. The House of Delegates adopted fair and transparent rules on the first day of session every two … Read More

Delegate Robinson and Senator Suetterlein Deliver Republican Perspective on State of the Commonwealth

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Delegate Roxann L. Robinson (R-Chesterfield) and Senator David R. Suetterlein (R-Roanoke County) tonight delivered the Republican perspective on the State of the Commonwealth. The prepared text of their remarks, which were broadcast following Governor Northam’s, are as follows: Senator Suetterlein “Good evening, I’m Senator David Suetterlein from Roanoke County.” Delegate Robinson “And I’m Delegate Roxann Robinson from Chesterfield County. “We’re … Read More

House Republican Leaders Reaffirm Support for Nonpartisan Redistricting

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On Monday, Virginia House of Delegates Majority Leader Todd Gilbert and House Privileges and Elections Committee Chairman Mark Cole reaffirmed their support for nonpartisan redistricting. This follows recent statements from House Democrats appearing to suggest they will no longer support the legislation as passed during the 2019 General Assembly Session. “When the House Republican Majority committed to nonpartisan redistricting during … Read More

Small Businesses Just Aren’t Important to Prince William Democrats


Local races don’t get the media attention that congressional, statewide, or presidential elections do, so opportunities for candidates to appear in public to discuss their positions are at a premium. That’s why it’s unusual that EVERY Democrat running for the House of Delegates to represent Prince William County skipped the Prince William Chamber of Commerce Candidate Forum that was held … Read More

Chairman Bell renews call for bipartisan hearing on sexual assault allegations, proposes Oct. 16 date

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RICHMOND — House Courts of Justice Committee Chairman Rob Bell (R-Albemarle) renewed his call for a public, bipartisan hearing today on the two allegations of sexual assault by Lieutenant Governor Justin Fairfax. Chairman Bell proposed an October 16th date for the hearings. “The two women requested a legislative hearing and have stated that they will only testify if the hearing … Read More

House Republican Leadership Statement on Virginia Chamber of Commerce 2019 Legislative Report Card

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The Virginia Chamber of Commerce released their 2019 Legislative Report Card yesterday which grades members of the General Assembly on legislation related to key business issues. The Report Card mentions that legislation defeated by Republicans saved small and large businesses over $17 billion in new costs and protected over 150,000 Virginia jobs. Legislators were scored on their position for bills … Read More

House Majority Leader Gilbert: Democrat Cost of Redemption is Roughly $75,000

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House of Delegates Majority Leader Todd Gilbert issued the following statement Wednesday regarding the $75,000 from Governor Ralph Northam accepted by Democrats since the party called for his resignation in February. “Despite unequivocal calls from their party for his resignation, Democrat House candidates have taken at least another $75,000 from Governor Ralph Northam’s ‘The Way Ahead’ PAC,” Gilbert said. “Democrats … Read More

Crime Commission Hears Public Testimony and Proposed Legislation on Day Two of Meetings


The Virginia State Crime Commission (VSCC) continued its two-day meeting on Tuesday, hearing public testimony and allowing legislators to present legislation filed during the ongoing special session. “The last two days of testimony have laid a strong foundation for the Crime Commission to conduct a thoughtful and deliberative study,” said Senator Mark D. Obenshain (R-Rockingham), Crime Commission Chairman. “Staff will … Read More