House of Delegates Adjourns, Most Budget Amendments Still in Limbo

gshipley2023 General Assembly

RICHMOND — The House of Delegates ended its 2023 Regular Session earlier today, after negotiations with the Senate on amendments to the existing two-year budget failed to produce results. Working with Governor Glenn Youngkin, House Republicans voted to return billions of dollars to taxpayers, as well as provide major pay increases for teachers and other public servants. Major initiatives that … Read More

House of Delegates Passes Landmark Utility Regulation Reform Legislation

gshipley2023 General Assembly

RICHMOND — Earlier today the House of Delegates approved landmark legislation that will reform how the state’s largest utility, Dominion Energy, is regulated. The legislation is designed to bring rate and regulation stability to benefit Virginians facing higher energy bills and give the utility the ability to make investments needed to ensure stable, reliable service long into the future. “Ultimately, … Read More

House of Delegates Passes Budget That Makes Key Investments, Makes Virginia More Competitive

gshipley2023 General Assembly

RICHMOND — Earlier today the House of Delegates passed House Bill 1400, a package of amendments to the existing two-year budget passed by the General Assembly last year. The bill now goes to the Senate for their consideration. “I want to thank Chairman Knight and the entire House Appropriations Committee team for the hard work they put into this budget,” … Read More

House Republicans Pass Legislation to Create Better Schools for Every Virginia Student

gshipley2023 General Assembly

RICHMOND — When voters went to the polls in 2021, they sent a loud and resounding message: parents expect better results from our public schools, and they want more input in what their children learn. Republicans heard that message loud and clear, and today passed the final bills of their education plan for the session. Legislation includes putting more resources … Read More

House Republicans Pass Legislation to Curb Crime, Make our Neighborhoods Safer

gshipley2023 General Assembly

RICHMOND — When Virginians elected a Republican-controlled House of Delegates, they said public safety was one of the biggest concerns they wanted addressed. House Republicans today advanced a package of bills focused on making communities safer for every Virginian, sending the legislation to the Senate for further consideration. “During their two years in control of the General Assembly, Democrats acted … Read More

House Republicans Pass Legislation Defending Innocent Life

gshipley2023 General Assembly

RICHMOND — Virginians elected a pro-life House Republican caucus, and just like the vast majority of Virginians, House Republicans want to see fewer abortions, not more. It is unfortunate that Senate Democrats were unwilling to work with us to find consensus on a bill that has majority support of Virginians. Nonetheless, House Republicans were successful in advancing legislation that will … Read More

House Republicans Pass Legislation to Secure Reliable, Affordable Energy for all Virginians

gshipley2023 General Assembly

RICHMOND — Access to affordable, reliable energy is critical to all Virginians. Without it, our economy suffers as businesses struggle, and families suffer, as they must choose between staying warm or paying other bills. If Virginia is to meet these goals and have a low-carbon energy future, nuclear power must be part of the equation. The Republican-controlled House of Delegates … Read More

House Republicans Pass Legislation Combating Anti-Semitism in Virginia

gshipley2023 General Assembly

RICHMOND — Governor Youngkin has made combating anti-semitism a key focus of his administration, and House Republicans applaud his efforts. Earlier today, the House passed a number of bills that will help fight this scourge by defining anti-Semitism according to internationally accepted standards, adding attacks on ethnicity to Virginia’s hate crime statutes, and ensuring that Virginia does not do business … Read More

House Republicans Vote to End Ban on Gasoline Vehicle Sales

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The House of Delegates today passed House Bill 1378, ending Virginia’s ill-advised link to California’s electric car mandate, restoring Virginian’s freedom to buy gasoline powered cars in the future, and returning control of these policies to elected officials accountable to Virginians. “Our House Republican team is keeping our promise to Virginians to put their elected representatives back in charge of … Read More